Disinfectant gel is effective in relieving itching and swelling of mosquito bites
日期:2019-07-08 编辑:ANSON nanobiotechnology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.

In summer, mosquitoes breed, and many people are often bitten by mosquitoes, which is very itchy, which brings trouble to our normal life. Many people scratch hard after mosquito bites and swelling, which is wrong.

Mosquitoes, belonging to the diptera family of insects, have about 3000 species in the world.

It is a small flying insect with a piercing and sucking mouthpiece.

Females usually feed on blood, while males feed on plant SAP.

The blood-sucking female mosquito is the intermediate host of dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, Japanese encephalitis and other pathogens.

Mosquitoes are found on every continent except Antarctica.

Dermatitis caused by mosquito bites is the most common form of insect bite dermatitis.

The mosquito stabs the skin through its mouthparts, its saliva or venom invades the skin, because the mosquito saliva or the venom gland leaching liquid contains many antigens, these antigens after entering the human skin can produce allergic reaction with antibodies and cause inflammation.

Mosquitoes are particularly attracted to people with a weak acidic constitution, who are prone to diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to improve the constitution and eat alkaline food and drugs. As the constitution and blood are slightly alkaline, mosquitoes will not bite.

Silver ion disinfection gel bactericidal rate of 99%

After 5 minutes of action, the average killing pairs of e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus albicans and pseudomonas aeruginosa were all >, 3.00 after 3 experiments with 15 groups of controls.

Field disinfection test on skin surface: after 30 controlled tests, the average killing value of natural bacteria on skin surface was > 1.47

The prevention methods

Eliminate mosquito breeding sites in the living environment.

It is better not to raise pets, if there are pets such as cats, dogs and other animals in the home, this will increase the growth of mites, fleas.

Do not place carpet in the room. Mat should be cleaned every day.

Do not use straw weaving on the bed, because straw weaving is easy to hide insects, invisible to the naked eye, when the children's skin contact, insects will attack the child, insect bite dermatitis.

When playing, do not let the baby go to the grass, bushes, woods, swamps, wet places to play;

Do not touch the dust;

Don't expose your body too much when you go outside. Apply insect repellent for children on the exposed skin.

Often remove weeds and debris around the environment;

Don't sleep directly on the ground;

Don't sit and rest in the bushes.

Try to avoid playing outside at dusk when mosquito activity peaks.

Do not turn on lights at night as much as possible to avoid attracting mosquitoes.

During labor or when sleeping in the evening wear long clothes, trousers as far as possible, wear white or light colored clothes, brightly colored easy to attract mosquitoes, or in the body exposed parts besmear with protective drugs.

Prevent insect bite dermatitis to do well personal hygiene even, summer sweat more, easy to attract mosquito bites, often bathe in order to remove the body sweat smell, at the same time water temperature should not be too high, with 30 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius is appropriate.

Want to change clothes and bed sheet frequently, mat, bedding and other close - fitting article should often wash with wen shui insolate

Inside the bedroom should maintain airiness, environment neat, avoid damp.

If darling is in after be bitten by mosquito, should cut short fingernail, tell darling not to use the hand to scratch scratch, avoid to break the skin;

Can be locally coated with new silver ion disinfection gel, secondary infection, should be under the guidance of the doctor for local and systemic anti-inflammatory treatment;

If it is allergic dermatitis, oral antihistamines may be used.

You should go to the hospital for dermatology if necessary.

After the continuous dilution of silver ions in the new silver ion disinfection gel kills bacteria, it does not disappear itself. Under the action of hydration, the free silver ions can be reused for sterilization, so its sterilization function is highly effective and durable without drug resistance.

Silver ion disinfection gel smear on the mosquito bite, can sterilize, relieve itching and pain in addition to swelling.