Common manifestations of vaginitis hazards - gynaecological gel
日期:2019-06-13 编辑:ANSON nanobiotechnology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.

The harm of vaginitis must be taken seriously, because vaginitis will cause a huge body burden to everyone, so we should pay special attention to, and carry out active treatment, so as to be able to reduce the risk of disease, to avoid the harm of vaginitis.

Vaginal inflammation of various types, fungal vaginitis is one of the most common.

According to statistics, 75% of women had at least once in a lifetime mould sex vaginitis, its incidence is so high, the reason is simple: women's vaginal PH within the scope of 3.8 to 4.4, is a partial acidic environment, but also inside the vagina warm wet - these has created an environment for mold growth, it is no wonder that the mold is always look for opportunities to invade the vagina, a large number of breeding, cause mould sex vaginitis.

Vaginitis harm:

1, cross infection: fungal vaginitis is caused by a candida albicans infection in the mold, this candida is particularly easy to grow in an acidic environment, generally through contact transmission.

When the woman suffers from mould sex vaginitis, husband or sex companion also catch this disease very likely, if do not treat, can cause a patient to infect repeatedly.

2, influence pregnancy: we know that the vagina under normal circumstances has a relatively safe environment, the flora is more balanced, the ph is more balanced.

This environment, where sperm can survive and pass through temporarily, is very important, and once this environment is destroyed, infertility is likely to occur.

If suffering from mycotic vaginitis, vaginal ph changes will inhibit the activity of sperm, and inflammatory cells can phagocytosis of sperm, and reduce the activity of sperm, candida albicans has the effect of agglutinating sperm, and inflammation when the pain of sexual intercourse and decreased sexual desire, can affect pregnancy.

Such infertility can quickly return to normal after active treatment.

But the infertility that mould sex vaginitis causes is temporary, after the disease is cured, still can be pregnant.

3, cause disease of disease of department of gynaecology of adjacent organs: if mould sex vaginitis is not treated for a long time, cause inflammation to go up easily, cause cervicitis and cervical erosion, if pathogen enters uterine cavity, can cause oviduct ovarian inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease, affect be pregnant finally.

4, influence daily life: got mould sex vaginitis, can accompany have vulva pruritus wait for a symptom, to female life and the job causes a lot of inconvenience and influence, also can affect husband and wife life.